Social Media and Technology Policy

The following policies serve to inform you about how I conduct myself with respect to clients on the Internet.

If you need to contact me, the best way to do so is by phone at 510-547-1246 or by email at (See section 1 below for more information regarding use of email.)

  1. E-mail: I use email only for scheduling appointments. Please do not email me about substantive matters. I do not have e-mail encryption capabilities, and cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your email. Also, emails are retained by Internet Service Providers (ISP) and therefore, theoretically accessible for review by the ISP. In addition, any emails I receive from you may become a part of your medical record.

  2. Social Media: I do not accept or respond to friend or contact requests or messages from current or former clients on any social networking site. This policy is designed to protect your confidentiality and our respective privacy. Any written communications can become a part of your medical record.

  3. Use of Search Engines: Generally, I do not search for clients on the internet. However, if I suspect you are an imminent danger to yourself or someone else I might find it necessary to use a search engine (to find you or someone you know) in order to ensure your safety or that of someone else in danger. If it becomes necessary to do so, I will disclose this to you the next time we meet.

  4. Business Review Sites: You might find my psychotherapy practice on websites that maintain lists of businesses. If you find my listing on such a site, please know that my listing is not a request for a testimonial from you as my client.

CAMFT1 Ethical Standard 10.6 states that it is unethical for marriage and family therapists to solicit testimonials from current and past clients.

If you do comment about me on a website and if I do see it (I may not), I will not respond on the internet in order to protect your confidentiality. Please discuss any feedback or concerns you have in person.


If you have questions about these or any of my policies, I hope you will discuss them with me directly.

1 California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists